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Meeting the needs of students, businesses and residents

The Cities of Knox and Monash are home to over 300,000 residents. The municipalities contain major employment and residential areas including Monash University with over 23,000 students, medium and high density residential development at Waverley Park and a premiere scientific precinct that includes Australia’s first synchrotron.

The City of Monash alone accounts for 6% of all metropolitan jobs within Melbourne with the majority of employees living in Monash itself and neighbouring municipalities such as Knox.

Public Transport Needs

While the Dandenong rail line provides public transport access into the City of Monash for Melbourne’s southeast, connections to the east and into Knox are extremely poor. While it is claimed that the Wellington Road SmartBus will address this situation, the bus service will simply face heavy traffic congestion like every other road vehicle.

The concept of a rail line to Monash University and Rowville was first proposed in the 1969 Transport Plan. With the economic strength of the region, the rail line is now needed more than ever to provide fast and efficient passenger movement. Reducing the number of cars on the road means that businesses can get their freight delivered quicker and cheaper.

Why SmartBus just isn't Smart:

Due to a reluctance to expand Melbourne’s rail network, the Government has responded by proposing a ‘SmartBus’ service along Wellington Road. Unfortunately it will take people that catch this bus over 50 minutes to get into the CBD.

In contrast the Rowville rail line would take just 30 minutes to reach the city providing a much quicker alternative than the Monash Freeway.

Businesses would also benefit – the Rowville rail line could carry at least 2,350 passengers per hour removing the equivalent of one lane of traffic from the Monash Freeway. This means businesses will be able to move freight quicker, cheaper and easier than they can now.

Given the width of the median strip along Wellington Road, very little land acquisition would be required.

The proposed alignment of the Rowville rail line.


The Rowville rail line will not only save motorists time and petrol costs but will also save businesses money.

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